Our Vision

image572We have a vision of our partner communities possessing powerful village-level institutions, which are capable of effectively organizing and empowering their members. They provide them with the necessary means to independently fulfil their needs and aspirations. They, additionally, ensure that the rights of their members are upheld, their natural environments and resources are protected and enhanced, and that they remain self-reliant for the long-term.

We harbour a vision where the conditions and quality of life of most disadvantaged members of our partner communities have been considerably improved for the long-term.

We have a vision of a society where the inequalities that now exist between men and women, rich and poor, and rural and urban are minimal and where the rights of all citizens are consistently respected and upheld.

We envisage a time in the not too distant future where all members of our partner communities have sufficient access to appropriate government and non-government services and facilities, irrespective of their gender, class, caste, political affiliation, or place of residence. We have a vision of a society where all are physically strong and healthy and appropriately educated. And where all communities possess the physical basis ¾ sufficient transportation, communication and other physical infrastructure ¾ to enable their members to reach commonly shared goals.

We have a vision of a non-violent, democratic society where all members of our partner communities have the right, opportunity, and ability to participate in decisions that will affect their lives. We envisage the existence of a truly decentralized and accountable political and administrative system ¾ one where a maximum degree of decision-making power resides in local hands and where leaders are directly accountable to the people they are intending to serve.

We have a vision for our partner communities where the needs and aspirations of all their members are fulfilled. Development occurs on their terms and with their full and comprehensive participation. Our vision for these communities is one where they possess the capacity to initiate, control, and manage their own development programmes and projects and where their associated benefits are equally shared by all.

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