Future Direction

image977THE JANAKI FOUNDATION will continue to focus its efforts on improving the lives of the most disadvantaged of its working area. It will build on its core development strategy of working with members of its partner communities to build and strengthen village level institutions for the purposes of placing the development process under their control. Facilitating their linkages to relevant government departments and other organizations will, additionally, be a priority for the future.

However, JF will concentrate its efforts more on helping its partners use the tools of advocacy and networking to bring about positive and sustainable change in their communities. This network will continue to work with its partners at the inter and the intra state and national level and provide training and inputs to its member organizations through site-specific and issue-based consultations.

THE JANAKI FOUNDATION will, furthermore, devote its attention to expanding its interventions into sectors other than the regular ones’. This is to ensure an overall development of the community. Thus, consultancy assignments on health, education, advocacy and human resource development programs will continue to expand. This stands apart from the regular programs on above-mentioned interventions. In addition, special attention will be devoted to the empowerment of women of its working area through its gender and development program. Micro-credit and micro-enterprise development will be a priority in this sector, coupled by activities related to awareness raising; transferring, knowledge, technology, and managerial skills to women; and increasing the rate of female literacy.

However, JANAKI FOUNDATION does not plan to intervene in these sectors haphazardly. This direction is strategic. By working with its partner communities on their most pressing problems and needs ¾ whether they be related to education, health, NRM, advocacy, or gender and development, its primary goal will be to develop their organizational capacity. This is intended to place them in a better position to independently address their other developmental needs and issues in future. The aim of organization’s approach, then, is community empowerment and self-reliance. It provides JANAKI FOUNDATION with suitable entry points so it can effectively work with its partner communities to help them take back full control over their own development.

The organization will also continue to devote energy to improving its communications with outside world. This will be done by documenting more of its strategies and successful development models; taking action to improve its public image; and furthering its ties with research and educational institutions. This will increase:

  • opportunities for organizational learning and growth; and
  • its ability to share its successes and experiences with others, enabling their replication elsewhere.

Efforts will, additionally, be devoted to diversify the organization’s financial base by offering more consultancy and training services and undertaking other income generating activities.

Over the coming years, THE JANAKI FOUNDATION will continue to expand its operations throughout India and abroad. However, there might be a shift in the geographic focus of its grass-roots development work.

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