Team Ovarian Cancer Control


  • To increase cancer awareness and improve early diagnosis
  • Facilitate and fund life saving research
  • Provide much needed support to patients with cancer

 Like a small drop in the ocean “Babli Kare Sawaal” is an effort to increase cancer awareness and improve early diagnosis.

Our Cancer Campaign “Babli Kare Sawaal” attempts to tackle the three biggest barriers to ovarian cancer treatment progress: late diagnosis, limited choice of treatments, and the isolation so often felt by women with ovarian cancer.

The mission is to increase awareness, improve early diagnosis, facilitate and fund life-saving research and provide much-needed support to women with ovarian cancer via our social media interface, website, publications, information and events to deliver change.

We work with women with ovarian cancer and their families and friends, policy makers, elected people’s representatives, healthcare practitioners, Partner agencies, Corporate, the media and others in the field to deliver change.