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Head a Committee

“Ovarian Cancer Control Mission” led by team – The Janaki Foundation has Educational, Marketing/Media, Legislative and Fundraising committees. Perhaps you’d like to organize a “Doctor Aapke Dwaar” program at your locality, office, share your story with medical students or volunteer on our run/walk committee.

Team Ovarian Cancer Control

Join Team Ovarian Cancer Control, the official charity program of The Janaki Foundation and raise funds and awareness to fight ovarian cancer, saving women’s lives.

Notes to Researchers

Those affected by cancer have many opportunities to build relationships with and give thanks to their doctors, nurses, and other members of their medical team.  Oftentimes, however, patients do not get to meet or thank the research staff, who works every day to create live-saving treatments. At the same time, research staff members do not often get to see the personal impact of their work.  Notes to Researchers are an opportunity to make these connect — one note at a time, follow the passion with grace and love.