Being diagnosed with ovarian cancer is an upsetting and overwhelming experience. Very often after diagnosis, women feel very alone. We’re here to help you.


“Babli Kare Sawaal” campaign works to offer support to ovarian cancer survivors and their families; educates the public about ovarian cancer; and raises funds to advance ovarian cancer research.


You do not have to take this journey alone. We have many resources to help you navigate your way. As you face many decisions and emotions along this journey, we believe that knowledge is power.


We work hard to be with you and make the stress of dealing with ovarian cancer treatment less confusing and solitary by providing consistent first-line peer level contact. This effort is supported through “Small Help from Her Friends” program.


The purpose of this Patient support initiative is to make the expertly trained “Small Help from Her Friends” Mentors a peer contact that can:


  • Find available social resources;
  • Provide a toolkit and offer support that only a peer can;
  • Offer suggestions on the best way to communicate questions and information to their physicians and other healthcare providers; and
  • Lend much needed emotional support


The goal of the “Small Help from Friends” initiative is to ensure that every ovarian cancer patient gets the support they need and deserve.


If you are a patient in need of a peer mentor or would like to participate in the “Small Help from Her Friends” initiative as a mentor, please contact us at